Your guide on Jobs and finding work in Greeks


The government is presently encouraging overseas investors and entrepreneurs to come to Greece and assist improve the financial system. Intrigued? Our CAREERJOBDHOP pass!

 The manual has all of the information you want, from social protection to commercial enterprise culture, and greater. Employment in Greece At a glance:

• Tourism money owed for one-fifth of the Greek economic system that is in general primarily  based on the services area.

• There was a hike in tax prices in Greece during the last four years

• Greeks specific themselves in a completely emotional manner, even in commercial enterprise conditions. So don’t forget to examine up on nearby enterprise tradition.

During the last few years, Greece has been making headlines with its economic disaster. 

Difficult and unpopular austerity measures were carried out via the authorities, and the economic system appears to be going slowly back on target. But, the unemployment charge is still extremely excessive at 24%.

So why is working in Greece nevertheless a feasible option for ex-pats? 

The Greek authorities are especially concentrated on ex-pats, specifically traders, and entrepreneurs willing to invest their capital in Greece’s financial system. See the shifting to Greece article for more data on the economic disaster, and on ex-pat opportunities in Greece.

Major economic Sectors in Greece

                    Greece’s financial system, together with that of many different developed international locations, is becoming more and more worried in the carrier sector, which represents a predicted eighty-two. Eight% of Greece’s GDP. Greece is a chief vacationer vacation spot, and projections for 2016 file 28 million international traffic will arrive in Greece this yr, making tourism one of the most important contributors to the provider enterprise. 

                          Tourism debts for approximately 18% of Greece’s GDP and employ one-5th of the humans operating in Greece. But, even though this enterprise could be very a whole lot seasonal, measures, which include developing multilingual websites Greek revel in, are being taken to increase it into a year-round affair.

                 The number one and secondary sectors account for a miles smaller share of the GDP, amounting to three.9%, and thirteen. Three%, respectively. Around 13% of the people running in Greece have jobs within the agricultural region, which incorporates the big component worried in the fishing enterprise.

Sea aquaculture contributes a growing quantity to the nation’s annual GDP. The last humans operating in Greece are hired in the delivery enterprise or inside the commercial sector that is dominated using and chemical industries as well as the manufacturing of metallic products.

Locating a process in Greece

                                  The job market is presently in an aAwananation,anan finding a process remains very tough. Despite the fact Even though getting better, ex-pats have been additionally the various numerous folks who misplaced their jobs.

There had been additional news reports of ex-pats leaving the United Sex-past due to the continued disaster. Non-working ex-pats with an earnings sex-patsnbiased from the Greek financial

system — especially retirees — are nonetheless recommended to keep their financial savings in a worldwide financial institution account and draw their ordinary profits from outdoor of Greece.

                                   if you do want to provide operating in Greece a strive, even though, the Greek authorities’ Manpower Emauthorities’nization (OAED) issues an annual of areas and expert fields that have a loss of appropriate candidates from Greece or the rest of the ECU. you could look for employment openings in Greece through many channels, inclusive of online emptiness search engines, newspaper classified ads, and recruiting corporations


Here is a ramification of beneficial websites:

  • Job find. Gr
  • Itechscope. gr (simplest for IT and engineering) alternatively, you may register your expert qualifications with an OAED job middle, iso that capability employers can locate you. You could find out greater approximately operating in Greece at the OAED internet site.

Taxpayer identification range

                                After finding an activity and relocating to Greece, you ought to then follow for a taxpayer identification variety (AΦΜ, short for ΑριθμόςΦορολογικούΜητρώου), as you want this wide variety to finish many different days by day transactions in Greece which include opening a financial institution account and setting up your utilities.

                                 You need to apply for your identity number at your neighborhood tax office. Further to filling out shape M1, you furthermore may want to convey your passport. You need to take a look at along with your nearby tax workplace to peer if additional files are required, along with your birth certificate, marriage certificate, or visa.

Man or woman Taxes in Greece

       Each person who is in Greece for more than 183 days a year is issued to Green come tax. Also, expatriates are the handiest taxed on their profits from Greek assets.

Greece is presently cracking down on evaders, so if you’re working in Greece, it’s far critical to post your tax return on time by using 30 June of each year. Tax legal guidelines exceeded in2012, legitimate for all sales earned as of one January 2013, raised the costs, decreased the threshold, ds, and restrained deductions. 

                        Additionally, they reduced the number of tax brackets from eight to a few. Income of up to twenty-five,000 EUR are presently taxed at a rate of twenty-two%. For the ones earning between 25,001 EUR and forty-two000 EUR, the price is 32%, and everyone whose earnings exceed 42,000 EUR is taxed at forty-two%.

                    For freelancers and sole owners, their enterprise income is taxed at a rate of 26% beneath 50,000 EUR, and a rate of 33% above 50,000 EUR of annual earnings.

                    Please note that because of the present-day crisis, new legal guidelines are often being carried out for those working in Greece. Please seek advice from a tax marketing consultant or the Ministry of Finance internet site for modern-and up-to-date information. In truth, in February 2016 the Minister of Finance, Euclid Tsakalotos, proposed to elevate the non-public income tax fee to 50% rather than 42%. So far, but, the proposition has no longer been voted into regulation.

Business Etiquette in Greece:

Greek enterprise tradition

                      when meeting a person for the primary time, shake hands firmly, smile,e and make eye contact. There’s no formal ritual on the subject of exchanging commercial enterprise cards in Greece, although it is a superb concept to have one side translated into Greek and present the commercial enterprise card with this aspect facing is important to dress in an expert and elegant way, specifically whilst assembly business pals for the primary time, as the first-rate price is placed on first impressions. 

                     Colleagues often address every difference on a first call foundation, even though it is high-quality to permit the opposite individual to make the first pass, especially whilst they’re older than you or hold a higher position inside the organization.

Doing commercial enterprise in Greece

                             As the Greek way of life revolves around ingesting and ingesting, commercial enterprise is regularly conducted over espresso or lunch. These meetings are a necessary part of growing a successful commercial enterprise relationship.

A moderate quantity of small talk commonly takes region earlier than moving to the enterprise thing of an assembly. it is crucial not to rush this alongside, and permit your Greek business companion to determine while they’re equipped to get all the way down to business.

Proper topics for small talk consist of widespread questions about someone’s heritage, own family, and profession. While doing enterprise with a company for the first time, it is not uncommon for it to

take numerous meetings earlier than commercial enterprise is discussed, as Greeks are usually careful about who they do enterprise with and want to develop a courting of considering, mastering an ability enterprise accomplice earlier than making any decisions.

The Greek tradition is one grounded in negotiation and haggling. Meetings will regularly emerge as loud and chaotic, and passionate debate is advocated. In enterprise and life in standard, Greeks have a totally emotional, almost theatrical, fashion of conversation and will regularly use hand gestures for emphasis. You may need to be very assertive to get your factor across.

This lively communication style is typically precise-natured, but, and must now not be fallacious for aggressiveness.

The majority of Greek contracts are open-ended.

The regular Greek workweek comprises forty hours. When you start a new process, the primary months are generally a probationary length, throughout which either celebration can terminate the employment agreement without penalty. To terminate an open-ended settlement, an enterprise has a prior-observe duration of as much as four months. 

The quantity of severance indemnity has been determined at most of 12 salaries for 16 years of work. personnel earns one hundred twenty five% in their wage for the first 5 hours of additional paintings in keeping with a week (known as “greater paintings”) and 150% for each additional hour thereafter (classed as “extra time”). 

The prison annual depart allowance is about  20 days, growing incrementally as much as 26 days in line with yr after 25 years of work. Greek businesses additionally pay employees for 6 public vacations, including Christmas and New 12 months.

New moms receive a total of 17 weeks of maternity depart, eight weeks earlier than childbirth and 9 weeks afterward. If the mom works and does now not take advantage ofher prison entitlement to go away after the baby is born then the father is entitled to take this era of leave.

Additionally, for 30 months after returning to paintings, either the mom or the father may work one hour much less in step with the day without receiving a discount in pay.

Social protection in Greece

                As in many other ECU nations, social safety contributions are mandatory in Greece. These contributions are deducted without delay out of your paycheck. Both employers and personnel contribute a proportion to the social insurance machine.

Those contributions assist finance the healthcare device in addition to other advantages, inclusive of pension and unemployment blessings. The worker contribution is ready 16% of 1’s revenue, while the agency can pay about twice that quantity.

  The biggest public social protection business enterprise in Greece is theSocial insurance Institute (IKA —ΊδρυμαΚοινωνικώνΑσφαλίσεων), which covers about 50% ofthe personnel.

the second and 1/3 largest social insurance carriers are OGA, which ensures those employed within the agricultural zone, and OAEE, the insurance company for the self-hatred.

Please go to the internet site of the Ministry of exertions, Social protection and Welfare (in Greek) for up-to-date facts on any modifications within the laws and regulations regarding the Greek social security gadget.

The pension machine has been centered by Greece’s lenders, and the IMF has requested a ceiling of 3,000 EUR in keeping with month for retirement pensions. Thus far, this has not been put in place.

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