SAIPEM Oil and Gas Offshore CONSTRUCTION Jobs

# Oil and Gas # Design # Civil Engineer # Instrumentation Engineer # Electrical Engineer # Process Engineer # Offshore Engineer # Static Equipment Engineer # Rotating Engineer # Piping Engineer


SAIPEM INDIA is looking for experienced professionals in ENGINEERING SUPPLY CHAIN I CONSTRUCTION & PROJECT MANAGEMENT Job Location: Chennai & Mumbai


Data Scientist,

Offshore Structural Engineer,

Offshore Structural Lead,

Civil and Structural Engineer,

Civil and Structural Lead,

Piping Flexibility Engineer(FPS0),

Piping & Layout Engineer,

Piping Layout Lead,

CAD 3D Athninistrator (E3D),

Piping Material Engineer (FPS0),

Handling Engineer,

Process Engineer (LNG),

Electrical Engineer,

Electrical Lead,

Static Equipment Engineer,

Static Equipment Lead,

Rotating Equipment Engineer,

Rotating Equipment Lead,

Packages Engineer,

Packages Lead,

Instrumentation Engineer,

Instrumentation Lead,

Telecommunication Engineer,

Control Systems Engineer,

Commissioning Engineer – Fertilizers,

Commissioning Engineer – RBI/RCM/RAM

SUPPLY CHAIN: Buyer, Inspector, Expediter, Logistics

CONSTRUCTION & PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Project Managers, Planning Engineer, Cost Control Engineer, Construction Engineer( Civil, Mechanical and E&I), Modularization Engineer

TECHNO COMMERCIAL FUNCTIONS: Estimator, Project Quality Engineer, Contract Management-Execution phase, Software Developer  

Interested candidates can send your CV to [email protected] With the subject

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