Our methodology for ranking the States With the satisfactory task marketplace

Discovering your pinnacle employment destination demands analyzing numerous standards. Earlier than making our very last rating, we centered on components that provide facts approximately separate segments of a nation’s task marketplace. Find all about the evaluation criteria used in our ranking method underneath.

  • Maximum task possibilities and employment boom – States that have heaps of open positions, naturally, come up with higher chances to find a job. We additionally take note of employment growth and whether the market is growing or declining. The exceptional states to find a process have increasing employment rates.
  • Unemployment fee – That is another crucial criterion as states with low unemployment charges have first-rate activity markets.
  • Did the unemployment rate drop or growth inside the beyond few years?
  • What are the forecasts for the upcoming years?
  • A lot of these are relevant questions that assist us to rank the states.
  • Average and median earnings – Both are crucial while ranking states concerning their activity markets. We select states with high common and median earning due to the fact they offer better opportunities to American workers.
  • Average starting earnings – Another critical thing when comparing the exceptional states for employment because folks that are just beginning their careers need to have a reasonable revenue too. So, states whose average is higher continually get a better ordinary rating. Top states for jobs
  • Common go back and forth time – young specialists looking for their first employment frequently overlook this. Yet, the common trip time to paintings may be a severe dealbreaker. No longer all people are willing to travel for multiple hours to their administrative center. So, destinations with low average travel times rank better in our list of states with a first-class job outlook.
  • Job delight stage and running hours – We by no means overlook the significance of activity satisfaction and painting-life stability. Even as some states have lots of vacancies, they are able tot boast with glad employees. That’s why we considered this component in our ranking.

The great US States for Employment From high-quality to Worst

Below, we can examine the states from pleasant to worst via their task marketplace and employment possibilities. We first ranked every kingdom inside the distinctive classes, as defined underneath. Then, we indexed them by their typical ranking. That means, the top states for jobs have many open positions but additionally affordable beginning salaries, high wages, and coffee go back and forth time. 


Colorado earned the pinnacle spot on our listing of states with the first-class task marketplace.  While different states carry out better in some classes, the Centennial country has a higher score general, most considerably inside the salaries department. There are 2.89 million hired and 227,000 unemployed citizens. Locals similarly by and large love their jobs which is why Colorado is leading the manner people states with the pleasant process prospects.

Colorado scores:

  • Unemployment price – 26 (7.3%)
  • Average beginning salary – 7 ($33,480)
  • Average weekly salary – 9 ($1,235)
  • Total job openings – 24 (101,000)
  • Maximum job hires – 20 (95,000)
  • Least layoffs and discharges – 38 (47,000)
  • Common hours worked – 14 (39.2 hours)
  • Common go back and forth time – 32 (25.8 minutes)


Massachusetts is one of the states with the maximum activity opportunities and pleasant weekly wages. The Bay state’s unemployment fee, however, has climbed extensively in the course of Covid, which brought the nation down from its formerly pinnacle role. Massachusetts nonetheless has a reasonably quick average working week (38.1 hours), however, the go back and forth time isn’t the best (30. five mints). Workers in this kingdom are glad however no longer ecstatic approximately their jobs. Massachusetts boasts an excellent average beginning revenue of $31,954 and a terrific common weekly salary of $1,488. These kinds of figures show that there are masses of employment possibilities in Massachusetts and true ones too, 

Massachusetts scores:

  • Unemployment price – 42 (8.9%)
  • Average beginning earnings – thirteen ($31,954)
  • Common weekly salary – 2 ($1,488)
  • General process openings – 14 (156,000)

Maximum activity hires – sixteen (102,000)

Least layoffs and discharges – forty-two (60,000)

Common hours labored – 4 (38.1 hours)

Common shuttle time – 48 (30.2 mints)

The big apple

With 8.36 million employees and 345,000 open positions, big apple scored the third vicinity in this listing. This is the second-nice kingdom for jobs with excessive access salaries and hefty wages too. The big apple prides itself on median beginning profits of $34,285 and a mean salary of $1,446/week. Combined with a top-notch quantity of latest hires (260,000), these figures placed New York a number of the top job-developing states.

Big apple rankings:

  • Unemployment price – 48 (10%)
  • Average starting salary – five ($34,285)
  • Average weekly wage – five ($1,446)
  • General task openings – four (345,000)
  • Maximum job hires – 4 (260,000)
  • Least layoffs and discharges – 47 (102,000)
  • Average hours labored – 7 (38.4 hours)
  • Common commute time – 52 (33.6 mints)


California has 16.9 million hired residents and handiest 1.9 million unemployed. That is the great kingdom for activity opportunities, especially for first-time employees. California leads the way in both open positions and new hires. This makes the Golden kingdom the chief of the various states that want employees. California is likewise most of the pinnacle five for a mean weekly wage. The handiest dealbreakers are the huge range of layoffs and the long commute time. California meanwhile is one of the maximum federally dependent states with the highest variety of Medicaid and CHIP individuals.

California ratings:

  • Unemployment rate – forty nine (10.1%)
  • Common starting salary – 11 ($32,086)
  • Common weekly salary – 4 ($1,446)
  • Overall activity openings – 1 (654,000)

Maximum process hires – 1 (547,000)

Least layoffs and discharges – 51 (242,000)

Common hours labored – 6 (38.3 hours)

Average go back and forth time – 47 (29.8 minutes)


Minnesota is any other top pick out the various exceptional states to discover a task. About 3 million people residing here are employed, and nearly 200,000 are unemployed. Minnesota similarly has a reasonable average weekly wage. Except being the high-quality country to find a job inside the Midwest, Minnesota also boasts high employee delight charges courtesy of the reasonable average workweek and trip time.

Minnesota scores:

  • Unemployment fee – sixteen (6.2%)
  • Common starting income – 33 ($28,468)
  • Common weekly salary – 12 ($1,178)
  • General task openings – 22 (110,000)
  • Most activity hires – 26 (81,000)
  • Least layoffs and discharges –35 (39,000)
  • Average hours labored – 6 (38.3 hours)
  • Common travel time – 17 (23.7 minutes)


Most Americans recognize Virginia as one of the first-rate states for an IT job. This kingdom, however, is likewise the 11th nice nation for employment possibilities. With an unemployment fee of 6.2% and almost 203,000 open positions, Virginia is firmly in the running for the satisfactory kingdom to get a process, with 4.07 million human beings having a process compared to the simplest 271,000 unemployed citizens.

Virginia ratings:

  • Unemployment price – 18 (6.2%)
  • Average beginning income – 6 ($34,016)
  • Average weekly salary – 10 ($1,201)
  • General activity openings – eleven (203,000)

Most process hires – eleven (172,000)

Least layoffs and discharges – forty (49,000)

Average hours worked – 14 (39.2)

Common go back and forth time – forty-two (28.7)


Regardless of its unemployment rate of eight.4%, Washington is among the states with the most task possibilities. This vacation spot is high-quality for Americans seeking out their first employment because it has a robust average beginning revenue. People inside the Evergreen state love their jobs, and the reasonable average hours worked truly contribute to this.

Washington scores:

  • Unemployment fee – 41 (8.4%)
  • Average beginning income – 2 ($35,793)
  • Common weekly salary – 3 ($1,482)
  • Total process openings – 18 (129,000)
  • Most process hires – 17 (98,000)
  • Least layoffs and discharges – 39 (48,000)
  • Common hours worked – 10 (38.7 hours)
  • Average go back and forth time – 44 (28 mints)


Everybody seeking out the fine states for jobs ought to take into account moving to Connecticut. That is a number of the nice locations with regards to process availability by using state. Connecticut has 1.72 million employed and as few as 148,000 unemployed residents. The common access salary stands at $30,039, whilst the average wage is $1,328. 

Connecticut rankings:

  • Unemployment price – 33 (7.9 %)
  • Average beginning earnings – 20 ($32,808)
  • Average weekly salary – 7 ($1,383)
  • Overall activity openings – 33 (65000)
  • Maximum process hires – 33 (55,000)

Least layoffs and discharges – 30 (29,000)

Common hours worked – 5 (38.2 hours)

Average commute time – 36 (26.6 minutes)


With an unemployment charge of 6.eight% and 139,000 open positions, Maryland belongs to many of the states with the excellent activity boom. This state gives employment to three.14 million human beings, with only 215,000 unemployed. The average shuttle time of 33.3 minutes is the most effective serious disadvantage of running on this kingdom.

Maryland ratings:

  • Unemployment price – 23 (6.8%)
  • Average beginning salary – three ($35,187)
  • Common weekly wage – 8 ($1,277)
  • Overall task openings – sixteen (139,000)
  • Maximum job hires – 19 (96,000)
  • Least layoffs and discharges – 26 (24,000)
  • Common hours labored – 12 (38. nine hours)
  • Average trip time – 51 (33.2 minutes)


Ohio is the last one of the various pinnacle 10 states with the first-class process market. This market counts an excessive five.28 million hired and handiest 469,000 unemployed citizens. Ohio also ranked sixth on the list of most hires with 201,000. Besides being the eighth state with the most jobs available, Ohio also ranks nicely regarding hours labored according to week.

Ohio scores:

  • Unemployment charge – 36 (8.1%)
  • Average beginning earnings – 38 ($28,229)
  • Average weekly wage – 25 ($1,040)
  • General activity openings – 8 (231,000)
  • Maximum process hires – 6 (201,000)
  • Least layoffs and discharges – 45 (77,000)
  • Common hours labored-9 (38.6 hours )
  • Common commute time – 18 (23.7 minutes)

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