Finding Jobs and work in Sweden

With its reputation for excessive salaries, communal work environment, and generous parental depart, operating in Sweden is good for lots of ex-pats looking to relocate. Recently, Sweden has seen one of thesee excessive calls for Foreigners looking at paintings let in, that they could manage to pay for to be selective. In 2018, nearly 20% of applicants had been denied.

Like many EU international locations with comfortable salaries and high traits of lifestyles, the Swedish activity market is aggressive. Many jobs require fluency in Swedish. Jobs that don’t have this requirement are usually big global groups based in Stockholm. But, even positions advertised as “English simplest” may deliver choice to those with at least a running information of Swedish.

Expats who want to recognize the way to discover a task in

Sweden could do nicely to look online or network. Sweden is famed for its staunch gender and sophistication equality, which extends to its staff with an emphasis on first names and the absence of formal titles. ‘

in addition, Sweden places brilliant emphasis on a wholesome work-

existence stability with flexible paintings days and hours. ordinary paintings hours are from eight:30 to 17:00, and you’ll note maximum Swedes leaving the office proper at 17:00. working extra time isn’t always commonplace in Swedish culture, nor is it regarded favorably.

The common income in Sweden within reason excessive: 26,000 SEK in keeping with the month (2,600 USD). however, remember that this takes into account Sweden’s excessive cost of dwelling. Expats can expect to spend nearly 30% of their income on hire alone.

Operating as a self-hired worker is simple to do in Sweden, but foreigners will want to have already hooked up their business and provide proof of viable profits. Likewise, it is feasible for all non-citizens to check in to achieve a Swedish social security variety, but noneuropean/EEA citizens will first want a Swedish residency card

 The way to get a task in Sweden as a Foreigner

Similar to their housing, studying the way to get a job in Sweden as a foreigner is hard, but in the end worthwhile. Requirements are excessive and competition is stiff, however, the work subculture is extremely collaborative, hospitable, and salaries are high.

 How to observe for activity in Sweden

When making use of fo task in Sweden, it’s far vital to stand out. one of the fine methods to do this is by analyzing Swedish. Many positions in the frerequireluency in Swedish. Even the ones that do not may additionally require at least basic capabilities. The exception to that

is big multinational groups, most of which are positioned inside the capital Stockholm. in case you are making plans to transport to one of the different Swedish towns, touch InterNations go! to assist set you up with Swedish classes.

If it is possible to find English-talking jobs in Sweden,

 why do employers nonetheless select candidates who’ve some knowledge of Swedish or are inclined to learn?

That is because the Swedish subculture believes strongly in communal efforts, and employers will choose applicants who can without problems converse and socialize with their colleagues.

Necessities for operating in Sweden

Due to the fact a Swedish business enterprise will have to protect why they employed an ex-pat over a native Swede, those trying to pass to Sweden have to have at the least a college degree. This diploma will want to be proven by your usa’s consulate as a way to qualify for the paintings visa. Some years’ work experience is also helpful to have, however no longer a requirement.

Sweden additionally has a listing of regulated professions that include their very own hiring necessities. as an example, if you are a teacher and own overseas teaching certificates may need to have this record validated via the Swedish Embassy in your private home country.

Hints for buying activity in Sweden

 Look online:

 There are many online. Test that can be used to locate process possibilities for foreigners in Sweden. If a job posting is in Swedish, take into account submitting your resume and cover letter in Swedish properly.

Top job search websites for positions in Sweden:

  • indeed.com
  • Metro Jobb
  • facebook organizations

Resume (CV)

Even in case you are handiest making use of to English-speakme jobs, it is a superb concept to have a Swedish version of your resume as some groups were regarded to invite for this even if Swedish isn’t required for the location. it’s also an awesome concept to have a brief, nicnicely written event about yourself and your qualifications in Swedish.

Swedish CVs follow the traditional layout commonplace among maximum western international locations: brief descriptions listing your instructional and professional historical past, in addition to any applicable honors, volunteer, or extracurricular activities. CVs need to be no extra than two pages long, or one-page front and back.

The only requirement that may wonder western-pass is the inclusion of a professional headshot. This must be a passport-sized image brought to the top proper nook of your resume. at the same time as the photograph isn’t obligatory, excluding icanto sets you aside as a foreigner.

 Cover letter.

The Swedish way of life could be very casual. not often do human beings use honorary or Mr./omit titles whilst addressing each other. due to this, your cowl letter needs to be polite, but informal. Use the recipient’s first call and say “hello” in place of “pricey.” The rest of the cover letter will comply with the standard layout of outlining why you are the high-quality suit for the job to which you are making use.

If you are new to Sweden or do now not yet understand Swedish, make sure to deal with this in the letter and communicate a willingness to study in addition to pleasure for immersing yourself inside the Swedlifestyletyle.

Activity opportunities in Sweden for Foreigners

Each yr. Sweden releases task shortages listing. These jobs are generally in skilled worker positions together with engineering, coaching, and the IT enterprise. Expats inquisitive about transferring to Sweden must seek advice from the listing to look if their career is indexed. Jobs on this list are frequently so wished that ex-pats do not even want proficient abilities in Swedish to apply.

The list is published in Swedish.

Some of the professions on the 2019 list consist of:

  • pharmacist
  • senior excessive school teacher
  • civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers
  • chemists
  • vocational teachers
  • software program and machine builders
  • dentists, medical doctors, and nurses
  • college professors Interview hints

Even though Sweden promotes an informal way of life, process interviews ought to be dealt with utmost formality. Whilst the human beings within

the workplace where you’re interviewing can be in jeans and t-shirts, ex-pats arriving for an interview ought to dress in commercial enterprise attire: a get dressed shirt and pants for guys, and a skirt-match, best dress, or pant match for women.

 Being each too past due or too early in Sweden is taken into consideration impolite, so aim to arrive simplest five to ten minutes early. It’s also an

Awesome idea to be properly prepared with a duplicate of your CV, cover letter, and any extra documents which you suppose can be needed.

Networking recommendations

In Sweden, networking is usually a greater assured way to land an interview (or an activity) than the conventional path of filing your CV and cowl letter. inline with a survey by way of the Confederation of the Swedish company, informal networking is normally answerable for six out of ten

Different job looking tips

A few research in Sweden has advised that candidates with non-Swedish names (i.e. names that are surely foreign) are not as possible to be handed up as those with Swedish names. Even as this will sound like a no-win situation, ex-pats can combat this purported bias by way of definitely declaring their intention to research Swedish and embrace the Swedish subculture.

One of the nice approaches to get a task in Sweden as a foreigner is through making it clear which you intend to include the whole thing approximately the Swedish way of life, lifestyle, and language.

Minimum salary and common salary

Sweden is one in all a handful of countries in Europe that does not have a hard and fast minimum wage. however, do now not permit this to dissuade you. The average profits in Swedenaroundound around around forty-six,000 SEK (4,seven-hundred USD) monthly.

The minimal revenue is around 6, four hundred SEK (660 USD) per month, and the maximum is 210  three hundred SEK (21, six hundred USD). someone operating an hourly service enterprise process can expect to make approximately 100–a hundred and ten SEK (10 USD) in step with hour, which equals to median annual earnings of approximately 143,000 SEK (14,seven-hundred USD).

What is a superb salary in Sweden?

Salaries in Sweden tend to be excessive due to the fact the price of dwelling is excessive, however, they’re now not the highest in Europe. Expats transferring to Sweden can assume to make enough to stay with ease, but you could no longer be able to save a huge amount.

A circle of relatives of 4, dwelling within the town center of Stockholm,

Sweden’s maximum luxurious metropolis, can without difficulty stay on

an income of about 23,000 SEK (2, four hundred USD) in line with the month.

 For a single ex-pat Tianhenhe identical city, great profits might be 12,800 SEK (1, three hundred USD) month-to-month. within the 2d most pricey city, Gothenburg, an own family of four need to bring in 19, two hundred SEK (2,000 USD) and an unmarried person will need approximately 10,420 SEK (1,100 USD).


The primary requirement for taking on self-employment in Sweden is to accumulate a house allowance. The unique permit is the “Swedish residence allow for self-hired folks.” in contrast to other lets in, the self-employment allows can take nearly a yr to collect, but then it’s far legitimate for 2 years.

You can examine extra approximately the visa necessities for self-employment in our Visas and work permits section. While the requirements to be self-hired aren’t as stringent as in different European international locations, freelance ex-pats have to already have a longtime enterprise with at least one purchaser. You’ll need respectable invoices to provide, in addition to a solid business plan.

How to be Self-hired in Sweden

One of the first steps to being self-employed in Sweden is to register yourself as a private company. Most freelancers check-in as a sole dealer (enskild firma) as that is one of the simplest private organizations to sign up and it has the least quantity of paperwork and overhead.

 Take into account that by registering as a sole trader, you are certifying that you’ll be completely chargeable for any money owed and felony action that the commercial enterprise might also incur. if you and an associate need to begin your very own business, you could enter right into a buying and selling partnership or rea strained partnership (handels¬bolag or kommanditbolag). These want at least two partners to create. In a trading partnership, each partner is liable for the

Alternative’s debts and agreements.

In a confined partnership, one accomplice has confined legal responsibility whilst the other has unlimited legal responsibility. further to registering your commercial enterprise, you will also need a personnummer (translated into English as “private variety”).

This quantity will register you with the Swedish tax authority and pay into the social security device. you could do all of this at an equal place: the Swedish Tax business enterprise (Skatteverket). Locating work

Freelancer in Sweden

There are best approaches to find freelance work in Sweden: online and networking. Sweden is a fairly technical society and almost the entirety you need to realize approximately Swedish society can be found online.

Because of this, freelancers may additionally want to scour tasks and network websites to find work. One such website, an installation using the Swedish authorities, even consists of self-employment statistics this is precise to every location in Sweden.

The Swedish way of life believes strongly in working as a unified organization. This mentality extends even to self-hired employees. As soon as you’ve got mounted your enterprise, investigate contacting your nearby branch of the Swedish Jobs and Society This basis no longer the handiest provides a recommendation to new groups, but in addition, they host events that assist freelancers to connect in different agencies.

Enterprise culture

To a few ex-pats, Sweden’s enterprise subculture may additionally experience like a land of contradictions. a country unconcerned with hierarchy, Swedes copes with everybody from interns to CEOs by way of their first name.

When greeting someone for the primary time, do not be amazed once they at once use your first call. You may be expected to do the same. Paintings attire is also informed but skews in the direction of conservative. This indicates the Swedish place of the job gets dressed code typically shies far away from business suits. Promotes stable, neutral hues, and may involve sandals.


Even though the Swedish commercial enterprise way of life is extra cozy than in a few different ECU countries, punctuality remains strictly adhered to. To be overdue to an assembly is seen as utterly unprofessional and impolite. Likewise, displaying up too early is seen as impolite.

Instead, be sure to arrive no greater than five to 10 minutes early. Bring all substances with you as being unprepared for an assembly is considered only negatively as being tardy.


Swedish employees are recognized for their diligence and performance, however, simplest regarding precisely what is asked. This idea is known as Lagos.

This word does not have a right away English translation, but the way “doing precisely what is wanted and doing it well.” you will not see much clocked additional time in Sweden, nor will you spot people skimp on an excursion or parental leave

Small Hierarchy

At the equal wavelength as a disregard for formal titles,

Hierarchy inside Swedish operating culture isn’t always strictly accompanied. Because of this managers and CEOs are easily accessible through other employees and all workers are handled as an equal and unified company rather

Then at numerous tiers of responsibility. Business decisions are generally primarily based on consensus and compromise rather than seniority.

Social protection and blessings

To work in Sweden you must have a social protection quantity. All Swedish residents born in Sweden are given a social protection variety at the beginning. Non-citizens have to practice for the number via the Swedish Tax company (Skatteverket).

What’s a Social security quantity in Sweden?

A social protection wide variety in Sweden is called a person number. Immediately translated, this indicates “private range.” Your number is a 12-digit number that registers you inside the Swedish tax device.

Once you have got your number you may use it anywhere: to get activity, join up for a gymnasium membership, change your riding license, begin a financial institution account, and so forth.

All foreigners can get a personal number in Sweden. Due to the

The European European /EEA citizens having the “right to the house,” do now not always want a person number if lives live in the Nordic u . s . is short-term.

 But, if you plan to remain in Sweden for

a yr or extra, you may need to get a personnummer. In widespread, even in case you are simplest there for half of a year, having the variety will make your existence less difficult.

Non-European citizens will want to get a personnummer for remains longer than three months.

The way to get a Social security quantity in Sweden

Getting your personnummer is simple so long as you’ve got all of the required files. EU/EEA and non-EU citizens are generally required to give the identity documents except the Swedish residency permit. The Swedish residency permit is required of non-European residents. eEuropeanresidents need the handiest to present their id or passport.

To apply for a personnummer in Sweden, you and all accompanying own

Family contributors will want to visit the Swedish Tax organization in person. You will ask to check in with the Swedish population sign up to document that you have moved to Sweden. You will want to convey the following documents:

  • Swedish house permit legitimate for as a minimum three hundred sixty-five days (handiest required of non-EU citizens)
  • passport
  • birth certificate for you and all accompanying family participants
  • certificate verifying your civil statuses such as a wedding certificate or divorce document
  • hire of your Swedish residence

Different necessities based totally on your citizenship can also encompass an Employment settlement and proof of enough earnings to aid yourself and your own family while in Sweden. Youngsters beneath 18 will want to have the consent of their criminaguardiansan to transport to Sweden. If one felony father or mother is not in Sweden, they may need to offer written consent.

If any of the desired files are still being processed on the Swedish

Migration enterprise (Migrationsverket), you could ask to have them returned or they could give you licensed copies to present to the Swedish

Tax organization.

In case you are residing with someone else and no longer at your permanent residence in Sweden, you’ll need to nevertheless present the deal with and call the owner of a house. Once you have got submitted all of the required documents, you ought to get the hoa ld of your Swedish social safety card within our weeks.


Social security blessings in Sweden

One gain to having a Swedish social security quantity is that its miles the princprincipaltity you may want to use and memorize in Sweden. if you go to the financial institution or to get your motive force’s license renewed, and cannot recall your passport or id number, you need simplest to produce your personnummer as a way to be regarded up in the system.

Social safety blessings cowl the first-rate deal in Sweden.

An example, residents can get hold of monetary assist assistance

  • big families
  • disability
  • unemployment
  • unwell leave
  • parental leave
  • incapacity because of injury at paintings

Sweden is famous for its high taxes, an excellent part of that is contributed to social security.  Consequently, those in want of monetary help from

Social protection advantages will largely discover ample help and resources. Further to the abovenamed benefits, Sweden additionally has trendy social help blessings, which assist aid those who are not able to keep a sustainable livelihood for themselves.

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