Employment in Morocco

• Morocco is experiencing consistent monetary boom; but, income inequality and unemployment remain excessive.
• Casablanca is the headquarters of a lot of multinational businesses within the u . s . a ..
• It is strongly cautioned to get personal medical health insurance as an expatriate.

Monetary assessment

Morocco has a diverse and open market-orientated economic system, which advantages significantly from its proximity to Europe. This solid economy has been marked by means of constant growth and occasional inflation in recent years, even though a terrible harvest and the financial problems in Europe cause a monetary slowdown in 2012. But, 2015 supplied a first rate financial overall performance, with the help of public funding and home intake; the economic system skilled a growth price of four. Nine%, as compared to the two.4% of 2014.

Three-fourths of the human beings working in Morocco stay within the coastal plains and plateaus. This area includes most of Morocco’s cities and cutting-edge agricultural lands. a few important demanding situations nevertheless facing the Moroccan economy encompass corruption, excessive illiteracy, in particular in rural areas, excessive unemployment (10%), and poverty.

Key financial Sectors

Morocco’s GDP (shopping electricity Parity) reached 274.five billion USD in 2015. Key sectors of the economic system consist of agriculture, tourism, textiles, phosphate rock mining and processing, food canning, creation, energy, and subcomponents.

The economy remains dependent on the state of the agricultural sector, in which 39.1% of the people working in Morocco are hired. The remainder of the staff either works within the industry region (20.3%) or the offerings sector. Tourism is a primary industry inside the provider sector, with over nine million traffic to the kingdom in 2013.

But, tourism sales is beginning to fall due to the situation in neighboring nations. In fact, Tunisia skilled violent protest at some stage in the ‘Arab Spring’, and numerous terrorist assaults have currently shaken the u . s .. in addition to this, the terrorist enterprise ISIS has recruited individuals from Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco, and there’s a positive threat of terrorists returning to their domestic international locations to commit similarly attacks.

Expat opportunities

Expats operating in Morocco have many possibilities to take part inside the u . s .’s expanding economic system. Expats with generation, communications and enterprise backgrounds are extraordinarily favorite for his or her expertise.
Casablanca, as the monetary middle of Morocco and the United States’ biggest commercial marketplace, is domestic to the best number of expats operating in Morocco. Many expats also find jobs in Rabat and Tangier.
The Moroccan authorities is presently encouraging foreigners to invest in the usa, that is contributing to an boom within the already high range of international and multinational agencies with a subsidiary in Morocco. Many of those corporations have their headquarters in Casablanca.
if you are a local English speaker, you can attempt to discover a job working in Morocco as a teacher at an international school or an English language school. Many English faculties will require you to have a TEFL certification.

Overseas nationals who do now not require a visa to go into Morocco do not must secure a job earlier than arrival. Please notice, but, that you’ll be wanting to offer evidence of adequate economic manner whilst you follow to your house allow. Consequently it’s far exceptional to discover a job as fast as possible after relocating to Morocco.

If you would really like to start running in Morocco, it’s far crucial to possess the essential language capabilities. Although trendy Arabic is the working language for maximum government organizations and the courtroom device, French remains the language of business in Morocco. A growing quantity of Moroccans can talk English, and this is the language spoken in a few worldwide agencies in Morocco. But, overall it will likely be very difficult to paintings in Morocco without speaking fluent Arabic or French.

Due to the excessive quantity of worldwide agencies running in Morocco, asking round on your network of international professional contacts is a superb manner to find a job. If that doesn’t flip something up, then you could try consulting the following task portals (in French):

• Anapec
• Menara process
• Amal task

Work Permits

Foreigners who want to begin running in Morocco need to acquire a piece allow (attestation de travail) from the Agence Nationale de advertising de l’emploi ET des competences (countrywide company for the promoting of Employment and abilities), abbreviated as Anapec.

The paintings contracts of all overseas nationals operating in Morocco should be assessed by Anapec to make sure that they comply with the modern employment legal guidelines, and that no Moroccan citizen or everlasting resident ought to have stuffed the vacancy. This process will frequently be sorted via your employer.

The following files can be required by way of the Ministère de l’Emploi in Rabat in case you need to obtain the paintings permit yourself:

• Two completed forms, with the perfect stamps
• A duplicate of your passport
• Two passport pics
• A replica of your employment agreement, legalized on the neighborhood authorities administration workplace
• A copy of all your diplomas
Morocco: Taxation and commercial enterprise Etiquette

All foreign nationals who spend more than 183 days per year in Morocco are considered complete-time citizens for tax functions and are prone to pay profits tax in Morocco primarily based on their worldwide profits. As of 1 January 2010, earnings tax in Morocco is split into six profits brackets. Depending on which bracket your income falls under, you’ll have to pay up to 38% profits tax.

Taxable earnings consist of salaries, pensions, and annuities, and funding and income from any assets you can own. inline with percent’s 2015 report for taxation inside the center East, taxes are due by means of 1 March each year. The joint filing of married couples is not feasible in Morocco, so spouses need to each report an individual tax go back.

For extra records approximately taxation in Morocco, please visit the Ministry of Economy Finance. The website is to be had in French, Arabic, and English, but the paperwork arising to be had in French. as the data on the website online isn’t particularly geared toward ex-pats, it’s far first-class to consult a licensed tax marketing consultant with any unique questions you may have.

Social protection

Expats in Morocco are considered an equal part of the labor force, and as such your agency will automatically sign up you inside the Moroccan social protection gadget, Caisse Nationale de Securité Sociale (CNSS). Social protection contributions are mandatory and are broken up between employers (6.4% of monthly compensation for a circle of relatives’ allowances) and employees (4. Forty-eight% of the monthly repayment, the maximum being 6,000 MAD). These contributions are routinely deducted out of your paycheck, and cover benefits including sickness and incapacity allowances paid maternity depart, and retirement pensions.

Morocco has made bilateral social protection agreements with numerous nations, inclusive of Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, and Tunisia, as well as numerous others which can be nonetheless under negotiation.
it is able to be recommended to shop cash in an extra pension account for the duration of your mission in Morocco. Personal insurance is also available for extra insurance in event of twist of fate, illness, or death. More information on the Moroccan social security gadget may be determined at the website of the Caisse Nationale de Securité Sociale.

Hard work laws

The same old workweek in Morocco has 40 hours. Employees are entitled to 18 days of paid annual leave, growing incrementally to 21 days after ten years of employment. Further, there are 13 public holidays in step with 12 months. The awareness length for redundancy dismissal increases from four weeks to nearly 9 weeks depending on the duration of employment.

Moroccan commercial enterprise culture

Enterprise in Morocco is strongly influenced by the French commercial enterprise way of life, and it, therefore, emphasizes formality and courtesy. As the Moroccan way of life is a very courting-targeted tradition, building up strong and trusting commercial enterprise relationships is important to achievement in the Moroccan commercial enterprise global. 

It may take numerous initial conferences before massive choices might be made.
Handshakes accompany introductions between humans of the equal sex in Morocco. Whilst a person and a female are first delivered to each different, the person must await the girl to provide her hand for a handshake first.

If she does no longer, the person should rather bow his head in greeting.
Commercial enterprise playing cards are exchanged without formal ritual in Morocco. One facet must be translated into French or Arabic, and the commercial enterprise card needs to be supplied with the translated side facing up.

Enterprise Etiquette

Moroccans make first impressions primarily based on one’s attire, so dress to affect. Guys should wear a conservative dark shape, and girls should ensure their clothing covers their knees and palms.

Meetings should be scheduled at least one or weeks in advance, and reconfirmed an afternoon or ahead. Do not agenda conferences throughout the five each day prayer instances or between 11:00 and 15:00 on Fridays, as that is when the Muslim weekly prayer carrier takes place. Many human beings take their vacation in August, and in the course of Ramadan commercial enterprise in standard slows down, so don’t expect any most important selections or important meetings to take place throughout those time intervals.

Before arriving at a meeting, make sure to ascertain which language it’ll be held in, so you recognize in case you need to hire an interpreter. Most conferences might be held in French, even though English is gaining in reputation. Make certain to have all materials printed out in a suitable language.

It’s miles respectful to reveal up on time to conferences, even if your Moroccan counterpart may be going for walks late. Even though Moroccans are professional negotiators, they do now not reply well to tough-stress processes. Achieving a decision is mostly a lengthy method.

Health & safety in Morocco

Hospital treatment

Medical care inside the massive towns is often adequate, even though it does not live as much as Western standards. In July 2013, the Minister of fitness admitted that there is, unfortunately, an inadequate wide variety of medical doctors and nurses, due in part to the hundreds of emigrating Moroccan doctors.

In rural regions, medical care is frequently non-existent. Few medical doctors can speak English. Us Embassy in Rabat has compiled a list of English-talking docs and healthcare professionals in Morocco. Because of the public healthcare gadget’s deficiencies, maximum ex-pats pick to go to non-public hospitals. In fact, the public healthcare machine is significantly underfunded and handiest works decently (for Moroccan requirements) within the huge cities. In rural areas and small cities, it’s far often barely purposeful. Allianz Worldwide Care offers a list of personal hospitals in Rabat and Casablanca.

Pharmacies can be located in all of Morocco’s cities and villages. Most over-the-counter and prescription medicines may be acquired without trouble. The whole hours are similar to the ones of different agencies. There also are all-night pharmacies. Each pharmacy posts a listing of the places that are open on Sundays and vacations.

No vaccinations are necessary for coming into Morocco, despite the fact that it could be really helpful to get immunizations for Hepatitis A and B, as well as for typhoid fever. Insect-borne sicknesses, inclusive of typhoid and leishmaniasis, are commonplace, even though malaria isn’t.

Faucet water can usually be eaten up, even though the flavor of the faucet water in a few cities may be unpalatable to a few. It’s far really helpful to avoid raw and undercooked food, as well as swimming in clean water, as this may reveal you to schistosomiasis (bilharzia), a parasitic disease.

In case of emergency, please dial 15 for emergency scientific services or a hundred ninety for the police.

Health insurance

In 2005, the Moroccan authorities added a mandatory public healthcare scheme for personnel in the formal public and personal sectors. The assurance Maladie Obligatoire (AMO) best covers 30% of the populace, even though. In 2012, the authorities consequently added the Régime help Médicale (RAMED), a non-contributory fundamental medical health insurance, to cover the informal region, a predicted similarly 30% of the populace. Self-employed humans and their personnel are currently now not included under both schemes.

The countrywide Social protection Fund (Caisse Nationale de Securité Sociale) is liable for handling the contributions from personnel within the non-public area. You, as well as your spouse and any children underneath 18, if they are doing an apprenticeship, or beneath 21, if they pursue the worldwide baccalaureate and in addition observe, are included by means of this plan.

As this insurance simplest covers basic healthcare within the United States’ overcrowded public hospitals, many businesses offer extra pinnacle-up insurance. if your agency does not provide additional insurance, you could want to investigate shopping for personal medical health insurance for yourself and your family, specifically if you wish to get hold of care in the more luxurious private hospitals.


Crime is widely wide-spread in Morocco, mainly in principal towns in traveler areas. The maximum common crimes involve select-pocketing and handbag-snatching, in addition to robbery from motors stopped in traffic. Guns, generally knives, are every now and then used, but in standard violent crime isn’t a prime difficulty in Morocco. 

Theft and aggressive begging also can arise around ATMs. Women touring on my own frequently enjoy harassment. Its miles great to ignore this, if feasible, to keep away from escalating the state of affairs.

There’s a capability for terrorist violence in Morocco, so it is essential that foreigners comply with their embassy’s safety recommendation and keep up to date on what they are saying approximately life in Morocco. In April 2011, a terrorist attack on Jema Fna square in Marrakech killed 17 human beings and injured 25 others, lots of them foreigners. Demonstrations are frequently held, and typically remain peaceful, but need to though be avoided by using ex-pats if feasible.

It is not recommended to travel inside Western Sahara, as there are a large range of unexploded mines in the territory. Please observe that the border to Algeria is closed and its crossing need to now not be tried.

Morocco lies in an earthquake zone, and minor earthquakes are occasional occurrences. it is excellent to acquaint yourself with the right method in case of an earthquake. Flash flooding is viable in the rainy season from October to March. Roads are regularly washed away during those months.

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